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The Upper Elementary (2nd - 5th grade) students transition from self-contained classrooms in 2nd grade to departmentalization. The 3rd - 5th grade students change classrooms for core subjects. All students attend ancillary classes daily and are assigned lockers. Their curriculum has a strong academic focus using both the A BEKA curriculum and the StoryTown reading series. Hands-on activities and field trips are incorporated to enhance student learning.

All students in K-5 are tested each spring using the Stanford Achievement Test 10 which compares our students with students on a national basis.  CPS students consistently score 1-3 grades levels above their national median grade level.

Upper Elementary in Action

Terrie Hodges, Elementary Administrator

The Elementary, PK3-5th, ​​​​​​​is the foundation of the CP experience — developing the whole child: spirit, soul, mind, and body through an academically challenging Christian education in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters a love of learning.

A look into the classrooms of our elementary displays not only the structured instruction of the academic day but also the confident interaction of our students with their classmates and teachers.

Our experienced teaching staff incorporates multiple teaching strategies and technologies, as well as innovative hands-on activities to address all learning styles, to create a stimulating learning environment and to foster critical thinking skills.

CP has a low student to teacher ratio, which provides ample opportunities for student participation in class discussion and activities.