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High School - 9th-12th Grade

Each student has different academic abilities, talents, and education needs. For this reason, CP offers a curriculum based on the following 3 broad categories:

  College Preparatory courses- for all students

  Honors Track courses- for students with above average ability who are capable of taking a challenging academic schedule

  Dual Enrollment courses- courses for which students may earn high school and college credit (subject to course availability). The cost of the course is the responsibility of the student.

Placement in the appropriate course for optimum educational results is important for all students.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are placed in various courses as a result of personal interests and goals, educational proficiencies in the subject area, and teacher recommendation.

Placement in Honors Track or DE courses is subject to the approval of the administration and the particular academic department. 

College Preparatory Courses

English I, II, III, IV                            Algebra I, II
Geometry                                         Government
History of Religion                        U.S. History
Advanced Career Readiness            World History
Biology I                                          Chemistry I
Pre-Calculus                                   Physical Science
Art I, II, III, IV                                   Publications I, II 
Anatomy and Physiology                Health & Physical Education I, II, III, IV
Criminology                                     History of Film
Spanish I, II                                       Physics

Honors Courses

Biology I
Chemistry I
American History
English II, III, IV
Algebra II

Dual Enrollment

Central Private offers dual enrollment courses through the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

  • Students must be at least a junior to enroll with ULM.
  • Classes are offered at $200 per class, plus the cost of books & fees.
  • Students will need a laptop capable of supporting Moodle. This is where instructors will post assignments and classwork, and where students will save their work.
  • Students must have a GPA of 2.75.
  • Students must have an overall composite ACT score of 19 to qualify for dual enrollment.
  • Students must have an English ACT composite of 18 to take the English courses.
  • Students must have a Math ACT composite of 19 to take the math courses.
  • Pre-ACT scores / Accuplacer can only be accepted if a student has not taken the ACT. 

Graduation Requirements

Central Private School follows the Louisiana State Department of Education graduation requirements as listed on their website for the TOPS University Diploma.

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