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Social Activities

Students have the opportunity to attend three annual dances: Prom, Homecoming, & Sweetheart.

Community Service

"Love  your neighbor as you love yourself" - Mark 12:31

The culture of Central Private is one that is built on leadership and service. Students are encouraged throughout the year to participate in service and charitable projects. Many of those activities extend beyond the boundaries of the campus.

Spiritual Life

"For all who are led by the Spirit of God, are children of God." - Roman 8:14

At the core of Central Private is the belief that we are called to train children up to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. Every day begins with prayer. Elementary students memorize bible verses, and students in the upper levels attend Bible devotionals every month. Themes of Christianity and faith are engrained in the very fabric of who we are as a school and community.

ALma Mater

'Neath the oaks and trialing moss
There stands a place so fair.
Central Private sons and daughters
Long Shall gather there.
Red and Gray, how we extol thee,
Proud, strong, and free.
'Naught shall ever dim our mem'ry:
Faithfull we will always be.

Fight Song

CP Redhawks are the best,
CPS will beat the rest,
So come on Redhawk fans and team unite, 
And we will win tonight!