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Lower Elementary - PK3 - Kindergarten

Lower Elementary Overview

Curriculum: Lower Elementary at Central Private utilizes developmentally appropriate curriculum to encourage an atmosphere of learning. Lower Elementary incorporates hands-on activities and field trip experiences to supplement the experience. Abeka materials are the primary resources used to provide students with a strong phonics and math facts background. 

Classroom Style: All classes are self-contained classrooms with one teacher. Students will travel on campus for enrichment (Music, Art, P.E., Computer, and Library) and recess. 

Enrichment: Once a day, each classroom will travel to one of our rotating "enrichment" classes. These electives are intended to supplement the traditional core curriculum with new and fun learning experiences. Lower Elementary will visit Computer, Music, P.E., Art, and Library once a week. 

Standardized Testing: Our Elementary students do not complete standardized testing until 3rd Grade. CPS students consistently score 1 - 3 grade levels above their national median grade level.