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Lower Elementary - PK3 - 1st Grade

Lower Elementary Overview

Lower school is the place students begin their academic journey and serves as the
foundation for Central Private’s college-preparatory program. During these formative
years, we focus on developing the whole child spiritually, intellectually, emotionally,
socially, and physically. Our goal for lower school is to inspire students in the
development of Christ-like character and to be academically equipped to advance to
upper school as a confident, responsible, and prepared student.

Our students begin each day honoring Christ in prayer and scripture reading, honoring
their country by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and honoring others by reciting the
Redhawk Way and character traits.

The Redhawk Way
● Redhawks are respectful
● Redhawks are responsible
● Redhawks are safe
● Redhawks embrace integrity
● Redhawks pursue excellence
We live the Redhawk Way every day!

Instruction and Curriculum:
Our teaching staff uses a variety of teaching strategies that give our students a solid
academic foundation and many opportunities for classroom participation. All subjects
are taught from a Christian perspective. Lower Elementary at Central Private utilizes
developmentally appropriate curriculum to encourage an atmosphere of learning. Abeka
materials are the primary resources used to provide students with a strong phonics and
math facts background. All students participate in hands-on and literacy building
activities, enjoy daily recess, have access to Chromebooks and tablets, have field trip
and campus visitor experiences, and participate in music programs, enrichment
showcases, and field day as well as other activities our teachers may create.

Classroom Style: All classes are self-contained classrooms with one teacher. Students
will travel on campus for enrichment (Music, Art, P.E., Technology, and Library) and

Enrichment: Once a day, each classroom will travel to one of our rotating "enrichment"
classes. These electives are intended to supplement the traditional core curriculum with
new and fun learning experiences. Lower Elementary will visit Technology, Music, P.E.,
Library, and Art once a week.

Lunch: Our kindergarten and 1st grade classes travel to the cafeteria for lunch, while
our preschool students enjoy lunch in their classroom. Students may bring lunch from
home or preorder a lunch option. Kindergarten and 1st grade students usually have a
“hot lunch”, sandwich, and salad option on the cafeteria menu. Preschool students have
a “hot lunch” or sandwich option on the cafeteria menu. More information regarding
lunch can be found in the Parent Resources portion of the website.

Standardized Testing: Our Elementary students do not complete standardized testing
until 3rd Grade. CPS students consistently score 1 - 3 grade levels above their national
median grade level.