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Middle School - 6th-8th Grade

Middle School at Central Private is not only a transition from childhood into adolescence, but it is also the laying of the foundation for moving into High School and beyond. Our faculty and staff are proud to take the journey alongside our students as they navigate the social, physical, and emotional changes of the tween and early teen years. We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment in order to refine their academic skills while focusing on their spiritual and character development. 

Middle School Curriculum

6th Grade
English 6
Math 6
Life Science
Early American History
Reading 6
Physical Education
7th Grade
English 7
Math 7
Earth Science
American History
Reading 7
Physical Education
8th Grade
English 8
Math 8 (or Algebra I)
Physical Science
Louisiana History
Reading 8
Physical Education
Middle School students follow a traditional curriculum.  
*Typical enrichment classes are:  Study Skills, Communication Skills, Life Skills, and Beginning Spanish
Summer Camps