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The academic program at Central Private School challenges both analytical and creative thinking. The rigorous academic curriculum at Central Private begins in preschool and continues through 12th grade.

Art Program

ART 1-5 is multisensory, collaborative, and tailored to help students reach their potential. Students are actively engaged in the creative processes and are taught how to express themselves through visual representations. Lessons incorporate core content subjects and require students to be outside of the box thinkers and problem solvers. CPS learners in grades first through fifth will be encouraged to utilize a plethora of artistic mediums such as charcoal and paint to clay bodies for sculptures in a hands on manner. We strive to learn the technical skills equated with the arts, how to be original and creative, and most importantly how to find and represent the beauty in our daily lives.

High School students who participate in the Art Program at Central Private have the ability to qualify for Advanced Placement Courses. AP students can take Drawing or 2-D Design AP courses. Students work to create a digital portfolio that demonstrates their personal concentration and breadth of skill for college credit and college entry.  Art I and Art II build the base for the AP curriculum.  Art I is an introductory survey course. It focuses on the study of the elements of design through art history and hands-on experience. Students will work in a variety of art media throughout the year. Art II continues the training begun in Art I, studying composition using the principles of design. Students will develop and express original ideas and experiences through a variety of media. Evaluation of art will take place through class critique and discussion.

Music Program

Elementary students attend music enrichment classes each week and are able to show off their talents during several performances throughout the school year such as holiday programs, Veterans' Day program and Grandparents' Day.  Students are also asked to perform at community events such as the City of Central's tree lighting ceremony.

Accelerated Reader

Students in grades 1st - 8th use the Accelerated Reader Program as part of their reading curriculum. Students select and read books within their reading level and take computerized tests at school when they finish reading each book.

First in Math

Students can use this online program that features hundreds of engaging games designed to strengthen fact fluency, automaticity, computational thinking, and other critical skills.

College Preparatory Courses

English I, II, III, IV
Algebra I, II, III
History of Religion
U.S. History
World Geography


World History
Biology I, II
Chemistry I
Environmental Science
Physical Science
Art I, II, III
Health & Physical Education I, II, III, IV
Publications I, II
Spanish I, II

Honors Courses

Biology I
English I, II, III

Advanced Placement Courses

Art IV

Dual Enrollment

Central Private has partnered with the University of Louisiana Monroe's Dual Enrollment program and Louisiana State University's Dual Enrollment program to offer students the opportunity to earn college credit and meet the requirements for high school graduation.

Grading Scale

A=100-93             4 Quality Points
B=92-85              3 Quality Points
C=84-77               2 Quality Points
D=76-70               1 Quality Point
F=69 or Below    0 Quality Point
High School students receiving a passing grade in dual enrollment, AP, and honors classes qualify for an additional quality point in their cumulative average. Dual enrollment and AP courses are on a 10-point scale.

Graduation Requirements

Central Private School follows the Louisiana State Department of Education graduation requirements as listed on their website for the TOPS University Diploma.

Central Private Class of 2021 Acceptances

Agnes Scott College
Alfred State College
Arkansas Tech University
Austin College
Baton Rouge Fire Dept.
Baylor University
Belhaven University
Berry College
Bethany College
  Southern College
Baton Rouge
  Community College
Brenau University
Central Alabama
  Community College
College of Charleston
Delgado Community College 
Duke University
Gardner-Webb University
Hawaiian Pacific University
Louisiana Tech University
Louisiana College
Loyola University
Louisiana State University
Marine Corps
McNeese State University
Millsaps College
Mississippi State University
NIcholls State University
  State University
The University of Mississippi
Southeastern Louisiana
Simpson College
University of Maine
The University
  of Southern Mississippi
Spring Hill College
Texas Christian University
Tulane University
  of Louisiana Lafayette
  of Louisiana Monroe
University of Arkansas
University of Holy Cross
University of Kentucky
University of Memphis
University of Oregon
  College of Cosmetology
Western Kentucky University
Summer Camp