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Central Private Graduates Rescue Family From Drowning

Three young men on their senior trip save four distressed swimmers that were swept away by a rip current.   Three members of the Tran Family, from Nashville, TN, and an unidentified male teenager were rescued from drowning last month by three of Central Private’s 2019 graduates while on their Senior Trip in Destin, FL. A mother, Tiffany Tran, 50, and her two children; Ryan Tran, 17, Kaitlin Tran, 21, and the unidentified teen, were swept out to sea by a rip current while swimming at Crystal Beach.    For the Central Private School’s 2019 Graduates, Monday (May 27th) st...

Central Private has a rich history of over 50 years of academic excellence rooted in the Christian Faith. Our close community of families, educators, and staff are dedicated to quality education, in a safe and nurturing environment.