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Admissions Process:

Schedule an appointment through the school office (225-261-3341) for an interview with the Principal and admission testing.

Complete an Inquiry Form for Admission to be reviewed at the time of the initial interview.  Students in grades 1-12 must also present the applicant's latest grade report, full transcript of grades (grades 7-12), and all available standardized test scores.

Admission Policies:
  • All Grades 1-12 applicants for admission are tested before official admission is completed.  Testing is done in the disciplines of math, language, and reading, with a writing sample.  An acceptable score will be determined by the principal and counselor and will be based on whether the scores indicate probable success at Central Private School.
  • Report card grades/transcripts and standardized test scores from the school(s) previously attended are also considered in the admissions process and must support probable success at CPS in the opinion of the Headmaster and counselor.
  • Applicants for kindergarten are accepted probationally pending the kindergarten admissions readiness testing  in early June (and also in July as needed).  Students who do not demonstrate readiness for kindergarten may be placed in Preschool.
  • Applicants may or may not be offered admission to Central Private School, depending upon academic record, admission testing, and verification of application information and references.
  • Central Private School will not accept a student for admission who is currently under expulsion from any other school.
  • No senior students will be accepted after the first nine weeks of the opening of school, with the exception of seniors from out-of-state or seniors who have moved into the CPS school attendance zone from a traditionally non-attendance area.
  • No students will be accepted after the end of the 3rd nine weeks unless the student has moved from out-of-state or has moved into the CPS school attendance zone from a traditionally non-attendance area.
  • ALL applicants who are offered enrollment are considered to be probationary students for a minimum of one (1) semester.


A Louisiana statute went into effect January 1, 1991, requiring all students who enroll in any school (first time and transfers) to provide evidence of immunization against preventable communicable diseases.  Students are not allowed to enroll without evidence of immunization.

Effective fall semester 1998, all first-time students enrolling in Louisiana schools are required to have received three (3) doses of Hepatitis B vaccine, in accordance with Louisiana R.S. 17:170.  This requirement applies to all students Preschool-12.

Effective fall semester 2009, all sixth grade students (all students 11 years of age) are required to have received a 2nd dose of varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, as well as one dose of meningococcal vaccine.