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The academic program at Central Private School challenges both analytical and creative thinking.

The rigorous academic curriculum at Central Private begins in Preschool and continues through 12th grade.  Using the strong phonics component of the A BEKA curriculum, our four year olds progress rapidly to blending sounds as they enjoy social play and appropriate group behavior.  Kindergarten graduates enter first grade already reading and writing legibly.  Daily Grammar Practice gives students in grades K-12 the vocabulary of  English language sentence structure necessary for effective writing and revision.  As students move from Lower Elementary to Upper Elementary, they are introduced to departmentalization, rotating teachers/classes and mastering individual lockers. Grades 1-6 use the Storytown reading series to introduce and reinforce critical thinking skills.  Reading skills are reinforced through the requirements of the Accelerated Reader program. Junior high and high school students are expected to develop strong analytical and thinking skills through research and literary analysis in the humanities, creative thinking through projects and presentations in a variety of subjects, and logic and analysis through mathematics.  All students in grades 1-12 participate in AR (Accelerated Reading) to strengthen and promote reading.

Dedicated faculty and small class sizes allow for plenty of one-on-one personal attention.

The student/teacher ratio in the lower elementary grades (Preschool - 3) averages 12:1, in upper elementary (4-6) the average is 18:1, and in junior high (7-8) and high school, the average is 18:1.  In addition to the low ratios and the personal attention that small classes allow each student, there is also an Academic Assistance program in grades K through 6 for students who need extra help, either temporarily with a specific concept or more long term because of learning differences.   Junior high and high school students avail themselves of peer tutors from National Honor Society and Beta Club membership, as well as the willing assistance of their teachers.  At CP, students develop strong teacher-student relationships.  Students are held accountable for having their work completed, and communication between school and home is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week through ParentsWeb, as well as personal contact by teachers. Here, "everyone knows your name," and students are not allowed to fall through the cracks.