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Campus Spotlight

Greetings from Coach Prescott

August 07, 2019
By David Prescott
Wow! What a quick summer! I hope everyone has enjoyed the break from hectic schedules and school routines, and was able to spend more time with family and friends. I am excited to update you on all of the happenings here at Central Private School.
Academically, we have made great strides over the summer. The vast majority of our teachers have made time this summer to attend professional development and/or conferences to strengthen their skills and prepare for the new year ahead. We have also purchased 72 Chromebooks for our Upper Elementary students. Those students will have access to the latest technology in order to help pursue our mission of producing well-rounded, college-ready graduates. In the near future, we plan to create a Middle School computer lab, meaning each school will then have their own designated technology space.
In addition, we have hired several new teachers and coaches who will help move us forward in athletics and academics. We are pleased to welcome the following:
  • Mrs. Jennifer Colston will teach the elementary computer classes and serve as our instructional technology specialist.
  • Ms. Laura Crafton will teach Elementary Art.
  • Mr. Daniel Truxillo will teach middle school math, as well as serve as Head Coach for the Girls Basketball team and Assistant Coach for the Football Team.
  • Ms. Jennifer Browning, will teach Middle School and High School P.E. and serve as the Head Coach for the Softball team and the Assistant Coach for the Girls Basketball team.
  • Ms. Taylor Whitty will teach Middle School Enrichment & High School Science.
  • Ms. Christina Dean will teach Elementary P.E. and will be the Cheerleading Sponsor.
I hope you will all join me in giving them all a warm Central Private welcome when you see them.  
We have also made progress in our Athletics and activity programs. We have purchased a new activity bus (yes, it has AC!) that will serve our athletes as they travel to games and competitions, and also our younger students as they take their yearly field trips. Since we are going to build a new gym on the new campus, I was able to reach out to the donors of the Gym AC project. They graciously agreed to allow their donations to be used for the new bus.  On July 1st, we became official members of the LHSAA. Central Private will be in District 6-1A. Joining the LHSAA has allowed us the opportunity to offer two new sports; Volleyball and Cross Country. We are excited to have Coach Tommy Szekely as our new volleyball coach this year. We are also getting ready for the 2019 football season. Our football team will have a scrimmage game on Friday, August 23rd at Springfield. The annual Jamboree will be played on Friday, August 30th at Ascension Christian.
I want to thank you, our families, for the tremendous support that you have shown us. We were honored to be nominated for the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine’s Family Favorites Category of Favorite Private High School. Thank you for taking the time to go online and nominate us. We are competing in a category with four other high schools. The voting takes place August 1st – 31st. Please visit to vote for us! We would love to win the Family Favorite award for Favorite Private High School.
These are busy and exciting times here at Central Private. I invite you and your family to continue to be a vital part of this wonderful institution. As always, please feel free to contact me whenever needed. I look forward to what I know will be a great year for Central Private!
Thank you, God Bless, and Go Redhawks!
Coach Prescott  

Central Private Graduates Rescue Family From Drowning

June 22, 2019
By Amanda Moody
Three young men on their senior trip save four distressed swimmers that were swept away by a rip current.
Three members of the Tran Family, from Nashville, TN, and an unidentified male teenager were rescued from drowning last month by three of Central Private’s 2019 graduates while on their Senior Trip in Destin, FL. A mother, Tiffany Tran, 50, and her two children; Ryan Tran, 17, Kaitlin Tran, 21, and the unidentified teen, were swept out to sea by a rip current while swimming at Crystal Beach. 
For the Central Private School’s 2019 Graduates, Monday (May 27th) started out like most of the other days of their trip with the students enjoying a beautiful day at the beach. Although, they did notice the red flags that day, a warning to swimmers of a dangerous rip current. 
The group had brought a pop up tent for shade while on the beach.  As the day went on, the kids had trickled back to their rented beach house, leaving the tent out there with no one left to bring it back. One of the chaperones for the trip, Mrs. Sam Kolb, had been relaxing nearby on the beach and had stopped several students to remind them they were leaving the tent. “Don’t worry, we are going to come back later”, the kids responded. “We’ll pick it up then.” 
Later that afternoon around 4:00pm, the group decided they were going to go out for dinner instead of returning to the beach. While the rest of the group were getting showered and ready to go to dinner, three of the young men on the trip; Blake Kolb, Parker Toural, and Brant Marshall, headed back to the beach to retrieve the tent that had been left behind. As the eighteen-year old recent graduates were packing up the tent, they began to hear screams for help coming from the water. They turned to look but couldn’t see anybody that seemed to be in distress. Passing it off as people just playing around, they continued to get the tent packed up. However, the cries for help became louder and more frantic. The boys knew that someone was in trouble. They then saw several people in the water who were caught up in the rip current and struggling to swim. The boys immediately sprang into action and jumped into the water to help get the people back to shore.
Blake Kolb, 18, said he first came upon a gentleman who had attempted to help the distressed swimmers, but began to struggle himself once he got out into the rough waves. Kolb was able to push him closer to the shore, where the man could stand with his head above water. Kolb then grabbed Tiffany Tran, 50, and Kaitlin Tran, 21, who were hanging on to each other, while being pulled under the water by the waves and current. Although a struggle, Kolb was able to drag the two women to the beach. By the time they had reached the shore, Tiffany Tran was non-responsive and foaming at the mouth. A bystander that knew CPR began to perform chest compression and breathing techniques until emergency personnel could arrive. 
In the meantime, Parker Toural, 18, and Brant Marshall, 18, had swum even further out into the ocean to reach two teenage boys who had been swept further out and could not make it back to shore.  Marshall decided to swim out to Ryan Tran, 17, who had been swept the furthest out to sea. “He was about 200 yards out”, Marshall estimated. When Marshall first reached him, Tran jumped on top of Marshall’s shoulders, pushing him under the water. Marshall instructed Tran to flip on his back and float while Marshall pulled him to shore. About half-way back to shore, Marshall became exhausted and another gentleman on a paddle board came to help float Tran back to shore. Marshall was able to slowly make his way back to the land, where he began to cough up the seawater he had inhaled during the rescue. 
Parker Toural came upon a distressed swimmer who has been unable to be identified. Toural estimates he was around fifteen to sixteen years of age. As in the case with Marshall, when Toural made it close to the swimmer, he jumped on top of Toural thus pushing him deeper underwater. “We were past the second sandbar”, Toural recounted, “The water was about 25-30ft deep.” Toural said he had to back away from the swimmer a bit, so that the swimmer couldn’t drag him under as well.” Toural stayed close to the swimmer, helping him slowly get back to the shore until the same gentleman on the paddleboard who had helped to float Ryan Tran, came to help this unidentified swimmer as well. 
The rescued swimmers were transported to the local hospital as the Central Private Graduates hurried back to the house to inform the group of what had happened. Once back at the beach house, Parker Toural alerted the chaperones and told them that Brant Marshall was having difficulties breathing.  Marshall’s mother, Lisa, was called and she rushed over from Pensacola where she had been vacationing at the time. Lisa Marshall is an RN and had her stethoscope with her. When she arrived, she was able to thoroughly check out Brant and Blake Kolb to make sure they were okay. 
While waiting for Lisa Marshall to arrive, Jill Toural, a chaperone and mother of Parker Toural, was concerned that Parker may have inhaled water during the rescue as well. She immediately brought Parker to the hospital to be checked out. Jill called from the Emergency Room to tell the boys that the family they had rescued was at the same ER as Parker Toural.  Blake Kolb and Brant Marshall went to the hospital to visit with both Toural and the Tran Family. 
The Tran family is extremely grateful for the heroic actions of Kolb, Toural, and Marshall. Another son of Tiffany Tran, Jordan Tran, 20, had left the beach an hour or so earlier before the incident. Jordan Tran and Blake Kolb exchanged information at the hospital and continue to keep in touch. When asked if there was any hesitation to help the swimmers and if they thought they would do it again if the occasion arises, each of the brave Central Private Graduates emphatically stated they did not hesitate for a second to help and would do it again without hesitation.  Mrs. Sam Kolb, a chaperone and the mother of Blake Kolb, believes that it was a little more than being at the right place at the right time.  She stated, “There is a reason the kids left that tent on the beach, and that those boys went to get it at that exact time. God had a bigger plan that day.”

Varsity Cheerleaders Excel at Camp

June 13, 2019
By Christina Dean
Yesterday, our RedHawk Varsity Cheerleaders finished strong at UCA summer camp in Gulf Shores. They competed and placed 2nd in each of the three categories: Rally, Sideline, and Cheer. The squad also received Superior ribbons and a spirit stick each night during evaluations, and are invited to perform this fall at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL. 
Congratulations to Isabella Edwards, Sadie Fontenot, Makenna Gregoire, Addison Juneau, and Zoie Landry for being selected as UCA All-American Cheerleaders. As All-Americans, they are invited to perform in the New Years Day Parade in London, England. 
Our captain, Kayla Reid, and co-captain, Sadie Fontenot, were invited to represent the squad at the Varsity Spirit Spectacular at Walt Disney World. 
Isabella Edwards was selected for UCA’s Pin it Forward program, which recognizes and praises cheerleaders who promote the values fostered through cheerleading, specifically leadership, spirit, commitment, kindness, and motivation.
Our cheerleaders will spend the summer practicing and perfecting the skills and material they learned at camp and look forward to cheering on the RedHawk nation this year.

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