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MAIS 2019 District Champions 5-3AAA

As the season started, Coach Brizuela knew this team had the potential to make history. One of the highlights of the season was the team maintaining a 6-game winning streak. This accomplishment led the team to a District Championship. Some players made a great impact offensively. Kade Halphen, Tristan Sanders and Kaleb Fontenot led the team with goals and assists. Other highlights of their season were having the keeper with 3 clean sheets and the defense not allowing a single goal in 3 games. There were many high scoring games: 8-0, 6-0, 3-0. The team ended with a record of 8-2. They scored a total of 48 goals and only conceded 15. Coach Brizuela could not be any prouder of these players.  The team is ready for next year and is excited to prove they can compete in the LHSAA league.

2018 - 2019 Boys Soccer Roster

2018 - 2019 Schedule and Results

Coach Danilo Brizuela led the Central Private soccer team to their first District Championship for the 2018-2019 season. He has played soccer for over 20 years and has been coaching for 10 years at different levels and age groups. Coach Brizuela played at the collegiate level on a full soccer scholarship at Western Texas College in Snyder, Texas. He later transferred to Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. Coach Brizuela was born and raised in Honduras. He enjoys playing soccer and participating in anything competitive.