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Several of our Central Private Art students will be recognized at this event 

AP Studio Art students spend the first semester building their breadth. Students work as a class in a variety of two-dimensional media with instruction from the teacher. 
During the second semester, students focus in a particular medium, art style, and/or subject matter that is of interest to them in order to build their concentration.
Using guidelines established by the Advanced Placement College Board, AP students prepare portfolios of their best work for participation in the Spring Portfolio Exhibition and for the College Board’s AP portfolio exam.
The AP Portfolio: Students develop a portfolio that contains all three aspects of portfolio development: breadth, concentration, and quality.
Breadth :
  • 12 individual works of art
  • Digitally submitted
  • Demonstrating student’s understanding of a range of drawing and design issues
  • 12 images (may include detail shots)
  • Digitally submitted
  • A series of works organized around a compelling visual concept in drawing. A written commentary describing the student’s concentration and how it evolved accompanies the work in this section.
  • A concentration is a body of works that:
    • Grow out of a coherent plan of action or investigation
    • Are unified by an underlying idea that has a visual and/or conceptual coherence
    • Are based on the student's individual interests in a particular visual idea
  • 5 actual artworks (no larger than 18x24)
  • Matted and placed in a paper portfolio
  • May come from concentration or breadth
  • For this section, students submit five actual artworks that demonstrate a mastery of drawing issues. There is no preferred (or unacceptable) style of content.