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50th Anniversary

“Celebrating Our Past; Inspiring Our Future!”

An idea, a vision, a dream became a reality when Central Private opened its doors in September 1967. The vision to build a school founded upon Christian principles began over a cup a coffee and resulted in the commitment by several local families to construct a building with six classrooms. On August 3, 1967, the construction began. Committed families worked tirelessly to ensure that the school opened its doors for the upcoming school year. The school was fortunate to have as its first principal, Mr. J. A. Smith, a local educator. The commitment of these families continued with the purchase of 36 acres for future expansion and the building of additional classrooms, a gym, a cafeteria, a swimming pool and a football field. We are proud of the achievements made over the past 50 years and are grateful to those families that gave so much to begin a legacy of Christian based education.

Celebrating our Past and Inspiring our Future is what the past 50 years and the future represent. To celebrate this historical milestone, Central Private has planned a number of activities throughout the upcoming school year. From 47 students to now 400, Central Private continues to educate and develop students who have made their mark in the community and in our world. Who would have thought that a cup of coffee and good conversation would have resulted in a legacy of excellent Christian education! Looking forward to the next 50 years.
- 50th Anniversary Committee

50th Anniversary Reception


2nd-5th graders stuffing envelopes with thank you notes to mail to CP founders.