The mission of the Central Private School Counseling Department is to facilitate the growth and development of the student population in the areas of academic, personal, social, career and college concern.  These meetings are designed to guide each student in their progress in and outside of school. If a student encounters any difficulty, the school counselor will gladly assist the student and their family.
A student may request an appointment with the counselor by a verbal or written request.  Students must have the permission of their classroom teacher to see the counselor. An emergency situation (a student is a threat to himself/herself or someone else, a personal crises such as illness or death in the family) does not warrant a formal request.  All students are encouraged to visit the counselor’s office to discuss areas of concern.  The counselor will meet with all students in the manner of individual sessions, small group sessions and/or classroom visits.  The signing of the handbook acknowledgment form gives permission for the counselor to meet with a student as well as refer any student experiencing issues to counseling outside of the school setting.
A parent/guardian may request a conference with the counselor to discuss their student’s personal needs or concerns.  In fact, parents are strongly encouraged to contact the counselor as any assistance is greatly appreciated in helping your student achieve their personal potential.
The CPS School Counselor is Mrs. Stephanie Boudreaux.  You may contact her at any time by email at, by phone at 225-261-3341, or in person.  The counselor’s office is located in the conference room of the Middle School/High School Building.